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flash fiction Zeds – 5 — friday fictioneers

August 3, 2012

once again Madison-woods has prompted our minds and pens….

The Quartermaster stepped cautiously. The reaper, deep in thought, meditating, sat motionless, his great sword on his lap.
“Sir”, only Reaper’s eyes moved to acknowledge the Quartermaster. “it’s those kids, the ones who just came in”, he looked over his
left shoulder to the boy and girl who were at the table ravenously packing in the chow. “I don’t know how they they made it here, but…
but I think they’ve seen a colony, and a hive leader.”

Reaper’s face hardened. A hive leader meant zombies organized by a central intelligence, insatiably devouring all living things. “I know, I sense him”.

this series starts with Carrion Hope….

  1. “Hive”…that word alone leaves me curious for more!


    • thanks… check back in a few, I plan to push the story ahead, 100 words at a time.

  2. This the second story I’ve read that has me wanting to know more. Good job and I hope you continue with this theme.

  3. Zombie stories are great, loved the uniqueness in yours, well done.
    Mine can be found here at

  4. Nice job here. It’s a very interesting take on the zombie story and I look forward to more.

    For you readers:

  5. This is a different kind of zombie story. I like it.

    I’m here:

  6. You’re laying the groundwork for an interesting story here, I think, and leaving questions in the reader’s mind. Nice job.

  7. And I’m left wondering who – or what – the central intelligence is. You did well with so few words 🙂

  8. It’s cool that the person in charge of sensing zombies is called the Reaper. Appropriate. I also like the concept of a zombie army devouring *everything*. Have you thought of expanding this into a longer story?

    • thanks — funny, a full story is so daunting, but in 100 work installments, it isn’t so bad.

  9. A creepy story. the change in name (from “the reaper” to “Reaper”) is, I guess, a typo. You pack a lot into this little snippet, and it sounds like there’s a lot more to come.
    I’m over here:

  10. Effective cliffhanger–anxious to see where you’re going with this. Good atmosphere.

  11. TheOthers1 permalink

    This prompt skeeves me out, but your story is great. I almost want this to be a movie so I can see it. Nice work.

    My attempt:

    • thanks, I always loved the power of stories. this is my first attempt at something like this

  12. jibies. organized zombies!

  13. rochellewisoff permalink

    I’d love to read your installments end to end. A bit of the creepy here.

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