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madison-woods friday fictioneers — the day is done poem

July 25, 2012

One more poem for Madison-Woods Friday Fictioneers from this picture…

The day is done, horses fed
heat to soon abate
Holding hands at dusk we stand
Near the corral’s open gate

We led them out on wrangling steeds
To pastures free and green
The waist deep grass of Wyoming hills
Promising sweet equine dreams

Our two steeds await our needs
In the coming dawn’s misty dew
So pail in hand to the water stand
I pour enough to take them through

It’s you and I and a billion stars
and little left to be said
We walk along to the cabin door
One hunger yet to be fed.

  1. That was beautiful. I don’t always “get” poetry but did yours and enjoyed your immensely. Thank you for sharing.


  2. catchy cadence and I like that you used a poem for the prompt.

  3. Really nice, lilting, with well-measured lines. I also liked that last line, and the silence. Well done.

  4. so pretty. Magical setting with the final stanza

  5. Very nice – I especially like the last line. It could be all sorts of hunger still to be fed between the two of them.
    Thanks for visiting mine.

  6. Nice rhythm to this – enjoyed it.

  7. very pretty, lovely poem bw 🙂

  8. rochellewisoff permalink

    Nice use of the prompt. Unexpected. One critique. Corral is the spelling you want to keep your horses. Coral is that colorful stuff that you find in the ocean. 😉

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