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flash fiction Zeds – 3

July 24, 2012

99 more words in the next chapter of the Zeds as it was told to me, and as best as I remember….
zeds ( zombified undead ) part 1, part 2

The field stood empty, the youngsters felt the evil, knew it and ran desperately homeward. They sprinted along the creek and cut through the woods, oblivious to the vines and thorns that scratched hindered. Breath heaving escaping like low moans, exhausted, still they continued up the last hill to the house.

Paul crested the hill first, and stood transfixed as Angie approached. She stopped chest heaving, hands on knees when she was slammed to earth, dazed she felt Paul’s body on top of hers, his hand muffling the involuntary screams as he urgently whispered, “Angie, we can’t let them know.”


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