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it is what it is – rhyme to reason — poem

July 23, 2012

another little scribble for rhyme 2 reason stop over and give it a try… Take a phrase you often use and turn it around.

It is what it is….
Who coined that phrase
It wasn’t on their best of days

What it is it is….
How about that quip
Say it wrong, get a bloody lip?

What is is it it
a quivering tone
Likely in a zombie zone ?

I don’t accept it cannot change
For what it is
It is a verbal pain.


From → poetry

  1. Great! It took me forever to internalize this phrase. I got so sick of hearing it, but now it has become one of the things I say when life hands me another slice of lemon. Great job!

  2. Nice one, Bill. Like the ending. It what it be, bro!

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