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seasons – poem

July 21, 2012

time, and the season, is ever changing…

I am autumn
and you are spring
with scents and sounds and sights of my long ago
winter will not be so hard
with the taste of your spring in my heart


From → poetry, romance

  1. A love poem, methinks?

  2. Spring does help thaw the winter if we keep it in our hearts 🙂

  3. Lovely words, Bill, to convey an uplifting message. Memories ease, and/or complement, the passage of time.

  4. Ah.. yes.. to hang with youth.. is to rise at least.. and most in spirit.. as young..:)

    And sometimes December’s Spirit is the youngest of all.. even in crippled legs
    and bent down head…

    My Aunt teaches me that lesson of the ages at 94.. when her spirit is as young.. as
    ever.. and mine is at least 104 at 47..:)

    So now i return that favor to folks in life.. who are much younger than me in chronological
    age.. of flesh.. but not me.. my Aunt now..

    back to 16….in heart and spirit.. with soul.. older..

    as ever….can be for me..:)

  5. How one appreciates a loved one! It will necessarily make things a lot easier!


  6. I saw that you had a tag for aging–how incredibly perfect, Bill. Enduring love makes all the difference.

  7. the seasons of our life – wonderfully written

  8. Oh I love when winter becomes a gap that can be bridged like that. Simple yet complex as metaphor

  9. I always thought autumn and spring have a lot in common, despite all other connotations they bring with them. But I never thought of humanizing them like this.
    Loved it 🙂

  10. Many different ways to interpret this – all equally tender. A simple, almost Zen-like beauty to this!

  11. Splendid 🙂

  12. Ohh, this is especially wonderful.

  13. I like this a lot. There’s much said that’s unsaid.

  14. short and sweet… beyond the seasons, it tells of a lasting love as well.

  15. This is nice. The seasons are always changing but sometimes it helps to hold on to parts of the past to get through the present…

  16. Glenn Buttkus permalink

    This piece is even more meaningful to those of us in the Autumn of our lives, with only Winter to look forward to; enjoyed it, Bill.

  17. I love that taste of spring in the heart Bill ~

  18. what a beautiful seasonal love poem…

  19. Lovely poem. Wonderful thoughts on keeping love alive.

  20. I like the way you have penned this poem, Bill. “with scents and sounds and sights of my long ago” – i love this line and what it subtly implies.

  21. I like this. If we keep spring in our heart throughout the long winter, it won’t be quite as hard….

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