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sweet grapes – Friday Fictioneers – Zeds 2

July 18, 2012

This week’s Madison-woods Friday Fictioneers… 99 words. Based on the a previous fictioneer story about zombies

Sun warmed, nothing beats concord grapes: tart gooey insides then bursting sweet grape and tannin from the skin. Paul lazed in the sun while Angie picked grapes savoring each one.

“Pa says the Zeds are coming back.”

“Can’t be, they’re gone, every one.”

“While you slept, Pa said others can get infected, unless they do the ritual”


“And if they get you, they eat your guts, unless they give you the kiss of death. Squeezing and breathing into you till you faint and when you wake, you are one of them…”

“Stop it! It ain’t so.”

“What’s that?”

  1. Story is developing nicely–looking forward to your next installment.

  2. i’m with doug. getting into pants.

    • too real life — but alas they are brother and sister.
      they will soon be sprinting for their lives!

      thanks for stopping by

  3. What a refreshing take on an overdone subject!

  4. The casual morph of the ‘Z’ word gives a weathered and worn feel to their world. Me thinks somehow that the ‘ritual’ is an invention to get into Angie’s pants. Some things never change, Zeds or no Zeds.



    • good insight, but the ritual is needed to ensure the pods within the brain cavity that control the zombies and link them to the hive mind are destroyed and can’t infect others.

      I also think it helps the put the survivors at rest, knowing their loved ones are no longer monsters.

      But at that age, anything to get her into bed ( laughing )

      thanks for reading

  5. Naughty you. Turning a lovely grape story into a scary zombie story. I’m assuming the Zeds are zombie..if not…I will wait for the next installment. Can’t believe it’s Friday and I’m #68. So many early birds this week.

  6. Ohh I think he’s teasing her.

    • alas, it is not so…. I fear they must shortly flee for their lives. But thanks for stopping by.

  7. Vines are a scary thing I see! Love the story, I want more on the Zeds!

    • I will have the next installment in mind…. tune back in this weekend! — thanks for stopping by…

  8. It was an abrubt transition (in a good way) from sweet to scary, then a cliff hanger.

    Mine is here:

  9. I like how the great description of the gooey grapes contrasts with the description of the (also presumably gooey) human snacks they might become. Good story-mythology too. Makes me want to know where the Zeds went, and when they’re coming back.

    Here’s Mine:

    • I grew up in northeast ohio, and there is nothing like the flavor of wild concord grapes just off the vine. Thanks for stopping by

  10. I like how you went from the peacefulness of eating the grapes to the scary stuff! Very good stuff. Here’s mine:

  11. Very cool story. I went backwards and read the first part after this. Whew, I ain’t no Zed.

  12. I agree – scary – I like it!

  13. Nice change from the peaceful grapes to the Zeds. I’m here.

  14. Nicely scary and full of contrasts – who’d have thought such a ‘normal’ summers occupation could hide such a dark secret 🙂

  15. eek do i dare look? Nice one!….mine is on the list.

  16. The zombie kiss of death- sounds rather unpleasant. Nice story. Going to continue it again?

  17. What about organic grapes? 🙂

  18. The horror never stops! Nice continuation, I enjoyed the story about the zeds last week too. Just when you think it’s safe to laze outside…

  19. Menacing, I think. I’m getting some disturbing images about the bursting grapes…

  20. rochellewisoff permalink

    Different take on grapes. Might think twice before I eat another. I’m #3 on the list this week.

  21. Oooh scary. Very nice take on the prompt. Mine is on my blog if you get a chance. Thanks

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