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carrion hope — Friday Fictioneers

July 12, 2012

Inspired by madison woods Friday Fictioneers

Birds always found them: feasting Zeds, Zombified-Undead. As the first heroes saved the last city, we drove our ancient solar Humvee amongst them and the Reaper purged them from the earth.

Afterwards, the blood-lust past, corpses piled high, heads sealed into ritual bags, we burned the remains to fine grey dust. Then to the colony where priests purified the skulls, destroyed the vile pods.

Next, feasting, and late at night, she would come. The doe-eyed girl or woman, who’d lost all to the Zeds, would sit near, then shyly touch the Reaper’s claymore sword. The Reaper rarely slept alone.

  1. I like this Reaper! LOL

  2. I like “As the first heroes saved the last city”: the first hint of redemption theme?

  3. Well written dark tale with some great imagery. Well done
    Here’s mine

  4. Being a reaper sounds like an exciting life. You have the start of a rip, bang, adventure story. Very nicely done. Thanks for reading and commenting on my story.

  5. Thoroughly enjoyed the tale. I like that it’s set in the future but has the feeling of ancient folklore. I’d like to read more about, well, everything!

    I’m here:

  6. The Reaper is my kind of fellow. Great story; hard and dark, yet full of hope and the promise of a bright future.



  7. Excellent story! And “Zeds”…I think i recall that sorta being used in Shaun of the Dead, which gives you extra points. πŸ˜€

  8. Awesome world and what a true to life reward for the Reaper. Has the seeds of a much longer tale, too!

  9. A fine and chilling take on the prompt. Mine is here and linked as well:

  10. Creates images in my mind like one of those films I try and avoid, far too convincing for me to travel much further, well done!
    I’m in this week for the first time, hope you’ll visit and comment:

  11. Great !!!! (an aside) Now I will have the nightmares please ..creepy

  12. Very creepy. I’m not a zombie fan but you piqued my interest with this one. Well done.

  13. This was great. I couldn’t identify with it until the last part when it all came together for me and I became a member of the clan. I don’t know how you did it but I was right inside the story by the time it ended.

  14. rochellewisoff permalink

    This is the week for the dark side. I’ve mixed emotions on this one. Good bit of writing, though.
    In case you get confused by my two links…the second one works…not the first.

    • thanks — can you clarify how you feel so I can see what worked and what didn’t ?

      • rochellewisoff permalink

        Oh, your writing worked fine. Like I said creepy-good writing at that. Not necessarily something I’d pick up and read or watch on screen but it would make a great horror flick.
        What didn’t work was my link. Now it does. Sorry, I didn’t mean to confuse you.

  15. It reads like an excerpt from Goosebumps. Chilling.

  16. That was like Mad Max all the way! Dark, creepy, and dystopian!

    • thanks! takes me back to the “falling u at the hall of justice in the Old mad max movies”

  17. zombies are always fun. This was a dark creepy read. I quite enjoyed the imagery, especially the ritual clean up

  18. Scart stuff! My son loves this, especially ‘heads sealed into bags’ and he’s so charming and sleeps well at nights too!

  19. I am not usually attracted to zombie stories, but you have aroused my interest! Vividly portrayed, with great use of a heroic character. Extremely well done!

  20. Dark and creepy…reminded me of the book and movie…The Road. Wonder how many other Fictioneers will be going down this same road? I’m #14 on the list.

    • Mad Max, Beowulf… yeah that works…

      thanks for the visit, I will check yours out

  21. Can we make this a reality? The planet could stand for a good purging as of late. Seems like squelching a zombie uprising would be an awful lot of work for one man with a sword, though. Dang.

    • only takes one man to foment a revolution…

      I’ll see if I can find you a spare sword

  22. TheOthers1 permalink

    Gotta be some kind of reward for all his hard work. This read like a retelling of an ancient tale. Nicely done.

    My link:

    • but as grim and hard as that would make a man, would his presence be comforting to some?

      thanks for the visit and commenting

      • TheOthers1 permalink

        I think so. Especially if you’ve lost everything and he’s your savior.

  23. dark, dark, dark and creepy! Well done.

  24. Nice (but creepy.)

  25. Creepy…in a good way. Creepy and scary feel to it. “The reaper rarely slept alone” scary
    mine is here

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